Care Guide

What is the quickest way to re-fold my parasol?

Hold it upside down and pretend like your shaking all the water off. The legs will automatically fall into place. Then you can scrunch it up like a scrunchie and off you go!

How do I open my parasol?

Be sure keep your parasol open for a couple of days to stretch out the new fabric. Don't be afraid to stretch out the fabric. Once it is open for a couple of days, the fabric will stretch and it will become easier to open!

Can I use it in the rain?

Yes! The outside layer is waterproof. Watch little flower petals appear when it gets wet!

Do I need to let it dry after it gets wet?

Yes! Be sure to open it up all the way to allow the frame and fabric to completely dry.

Can I watch a video demonstration?

Stay-tuned! Video demos coming soon!